GFI HelpDesk
GFI HelpDesk - New Licenses

GFI HelpDesk - New Licenses

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GFI HelpDesk is an on-premise, central-ticket management system that allows your clients and customers to contact you with queries and issues through an easy-to-use interface, including live chat.

Top Features Include:

- Manage customer questions and support more easily through an integrated helpdesk interface. Customers can easily log tickets through email, chat or other applications.
- Teams can create rules for automatic responses or routing based on ticket properties, ticket content, the type of customer and more.
- Standard and Customizable reporting - GFI HelpDesk comes with comprehensive standard reports and customizable report functionality to deliver insights on your customers, products and services, and support response.

Two Editions are available:

GFI HelpDesk Case:
- Integrated Support ticketing
- Easy collaboration
- Knowledgebase

GFI HelpDesk Fusion:
- Integrated Support ticketing
- Easy collaboration
- Knowledgebase
- Chat

Pricing is Per Agent, Per Year. An ”Agent” is a User that requires access to the staff / administration sections of GFI HelpDesk in order to reply and manage tickets.

System Requirements:

GFI HelpDesk can be hosted in your own infrastructure, on-premise or in any public cloud infrastructure that supports MySQL and PHP 7.1+.

- 2 GB RAM
- 20 GB Hard disk Space
- 2 GHz CPU

- Windows or Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian)
- PHP 7.1+
- MySQL 5.6.31+ or MariaDB 10+ (recommended)

GFI Unlimited Customers are eligible for GFI HelpDesk (Fusion) agents equal to 10% of their GFI Unlimited seats with the minimum set to 3.

For example, if you have 20 seats of GFI Unlimited, at $39.90/seat/year or $798, you would have 3 agents for GFI HelpDesk.

If you have 100 seats of GFI Unlimited, at $37.90/seat/year or $3,790, you would have 10 agents for GFI HelpDesk.